XG884 Multi-Band Next G On-Glass Antenna RFI
XG884 Multi-Band Next G On-Glass Antenna RFI
Multi-Band Next G On-Glass Antenna by RF Industries XG884 - Genuine.

Combination Antenna Kit containing both Unity and 3dB Gain Whips - suits 3G plus GSM
Networks (3G850MHz, GSM900MHz/1800MHz, 3G2100MHz).

X-Glass Multi-band Antenna Unity and 3dB Gain Whips - XG884.

RFI Multi-Band High Gain On-Glass Antenna

RFI part number:- XG884

*Backed by RFI 2 Year Warranty.

The X-glass™ antenna XG884 is a genuine Multi-Band antenna designed specifically for 3G850, GSM900/1800 and 3G2100 applications. This antenna offers superb, reliable and true Multi-Band

The XG884 utilises a slot radiator in the coupling box, with a patch element housed in the mounting foot. The patch element is X-shaped to allow the coupling of multiple bands very effectively.

The whip element is fully moulded with dual phasing coils, the result being an antenna that provides abundant gain in all bands.

The XG884 is supplied complete with a pre-terminated lead of low loss, fully shielded coaxial cable.

Product features include (as follows):
* Enhanced Multi-Band performance in 3G850 and GSM900 bands
* Extended bandwidth coverage to suit 800MHz trunking applications

- 3G850 (Telstra Next G™)
- GSM900 (Optus / Telstra / Vodafone)
- GSM1800 (Optus / Telstra / Vodafone)
- 3G2100 (Optus / 3 / Telstra / Vodafone)

Length: 320mm

* Supplied with 0dB Unity Gain and 3dB Gain Whips

Package contents include:
- Mounting Foot with double sided tape
- Screw and Nut
- Unity Gain Whip with swivel assembly
- 3dB Gain Whip
- Coupling Box with double sided tape
- x5m Coaxial Cable terminated with FME connector
- Window cleaner (S-5001)
- FME-MPL Adapter (A-87)

Genuine product. Manufacturers warranty.
Recommended Retail Price $69.95
Our Price $59.95

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