Nokia 6120c Classic Advanced CK-100 Hands-Free Car
Nokia 6120c Classic Advanced CK-100 Hands-Free Car
Nokia 6120c (Classic) Advanced CK-100 Hands-Free Car Kit with Cradle (RC-CR6120) combo .......
..... because we're all for making an Advanced Hands-Free Car Kit function and perform like it used to.

- The driver's seat is your office - keep it clutter-proof whilst communicating to others with this fully-functional Car Kit
- Stylish and practical remote-control on the dash keeps you in control
- Get simplicity behind the steering wheel with this compact click-wheel interface
- Experience voice navigation guide (Nokia Talk) as well as clearer and longer talk-time capabilities
- Internal DSP (digital signal processing) noise cancellation delivers superior sound quality whilst you're on the go
- Charge your Nokia 6120c (Classic) Mobile Phone (or other compatible device) in the Cradle with the included 2mm Charging Cable connector
- Software updates down the line now easily performed via USB interface
- External Antenna connector built-in to allow for stronger and enhanced signal capability
- Automated Music-Mute is also built-in

* And if you haven't got your new Nokia 6120C (Classic) Mobile Phone yet, it's time to come in or phone us for your Telstra Phone and Plan Upgrade and/or New Connection - we'll do all that too!

Genuine product. Manufacturers warranty.
Recommended Retail Price $369.95
Our Price $279.95

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