Motorola Atrix HD Multimedia Dock - Genuine.
Motorola Atrix HD Multimedia Dock - Genuine.
Original HD Multimedia Dock for Motorola Atrix.

Versatile. Functional. It's the Future!
Introducing the newest addition to smartphone technology, where your Motorola Atrix* device and Motorola dock literally talk to each other. They work together to tailor your Motorola Atrix smartphone's* features and apps for where you are and what you need, so you get exactly what you want.

Your Mobile World now becomes your Mobile Universe. Dock your Motorola Atrix smartphone* and you now have the freedom to access your files, photos, emails and web on a larger screen in the comfort of your office or at home.

Technical Details:
Dock your Motorola Atrix smartphone device and immediately have access to the webtop application in order to interact with your favorite shortcuts, browse and launch web apps or access your files stored in the cloud. Just connect the Standard HDMI cable (which comes with the Motorola Atrix smartphone package) to the back of the dock along with other USB accessories.

Your Mobile World Now Becomes Your Mobile Universe. When docked in the HD Multimedia Dock, the revolutionary Motorola Atrix and Motorola Atrix 4G smartphones* (*not included) changes what you'll expect from your smartphone ......... forever!

Multi-task with a vengeance. Connect multiple USB cables, accessories and use your device in webtop mode.

Work a Little. Play a Little. Now you can be entertained AND productive simultaneously with multiple modes that let you engage any way you like.

On-the-Spot Access. You can immediately interact with your favorite applications and shortcuts, and instantly surf the Web with a full Firefox browser. It's pretty nifty, don't ya think?

Choose Mobile Extras products to ensure Brand New, Authentic and Original Motorola products supplied. All of our Brand New Motorola products have the renowned and authentic hologram label.

Package includes: Brand New Motorola Original HD Multimedia Dock, Remote Control (Battery Included), Quick Start Guide and Original Box, packaging, warranty details etc. *The package does not include the Motorola Atrix or Motorola Atrix 4G smartphone/device.

Genuine product. Manufacturers warranty.

Recommended Retail Price $89.95
Our Price $59.95

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