SMA Crimp Connector - FEMALE (Crimp) suit RG58U
SMA Crimp Connector - FEMALE (Crimp) suit RG58U
SMA Crimp Connector - FEMALE (Crimp) to suit RG58U coaxial antenna cable applications (SMF58).

This SMA Crimp Connector - FEMALE is ideal for where a newer, more modern connector is required to re-configure old or previous antenna equipment to the newer industry standard. Also suits many varied and other similar type connections and requirements - especially for Yagi Antenna requirements.

Once crimped manually the end of the SMA Crimp Connector - FEMALE attaches to (by direct connection) the Antenna Lead/Cable or the Yagi Antenna being utilised and is then ready to hook up to the device/application being used.

* Fully Compatible with our complete range of Antennas.

This combination may also help with providing a solution for poor signal and reception indoor/in-building areas.

Quick and sure inter-connects ensure a reliable and solid connection between the two.

Please feel free to email us direct should you have any questions?

Whether your requirement demands CDMA, GSM, 3G, Next G, 4G, GSM Dual Band, Tri Band or Quad Band GSM network coverage, mobileextras can (in nearly all cases) supply you with the specific coaxial adaptor and/or connector to suit your requirement and/or application.

*Please note that often the pictures used in the product description format are generic in nature and as such are sometimes shown for illustration purposes only.

Quality assured and guaranteed product. Warranty - 12 months.
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Our Price $10.95

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